Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Meta Critic posted a nice list of the shows coming out the summer and I felt it would be a good thing to share. Both the list and my opinion.

-Tyler Perry's House Of Payne- Wed 6/6 - TBS - Wednesday, 9:00p - Comedy
This "comedian" isn't funny and doesn't deserve his own show. This should be cancelled before it airs but people are stupid so it might survive longer.
-Fast Cars & Superstars - Thu 6/7 - ABC - Thursday, 8:00p - Reality
Another "has been celebrities doing stuff" show. Just what the world needs.
-John From Cincinnati - Sun 6/10 - HBO - Sunday, 9:00p - Drama
Surfing and angst...don't waste your time unless your miss The OC
-Lil' Bush - Wed 6/13 - Comedy Central - Wednesday, 10:30p - Comedy
Has a great premise, but will probably fail to gain an audience like "That's My Bush"
-Meadowlands - Sun 6/17 - Showtime - Sunday, 10:00p - Drama
-Flight Of The Conchords - Sun 6/17 - HBO - Sunday, 10:30p - Comedy
-Age Of Love - Mon 6/18 - NBC - Monday, 10:00p - Reality
A man dating women too old and too young for him... it's nice to see they are sharing life lessons with the youth of America there.
-Heartland - Mon 6/18 - TNT - Monday, 10:00p - Drama
-Shaq's Big Fat Challenge - Tue 6/26 - ABC - Tuesday, 9:00p - Reality
It's something involving Shaq, don't watch. Enough said.
-Burn Notice - Thu 6/28 - USA - Thursday, 10:00p - Drama
I like Jeffrey Donovan, he's a good actor that hasn't found the right role. I hope this one makes it because it sounds like it will fit in with the other "detective" shows on USA.
-American Body Shop - Sun 7/8 - Comedy Central - Sunday, 10:30p - Comedy
A spoof on all those body shop shows... it could be funny. It could be... but I doubt it.
-Side Order Of Life - Sun 7/15 - Lifetime - Sunday, 8:00p - Drama
It's Lifetime, ignoring...
-State Of Mind - Sun 7/15 - Lifetime - Sunday, 9:00p - Drama
-The Bill Engvall Show - Tue 7/17 - TBS - Tuesday, 9:00p - Comedy
Another unfunny comedian with a tv show. Don't waste your life.
-Saving Grace - Wed 7/18 - TNT - Wednesday, 10:00p - Drama
-Mad Men - Thu 7/19 - AMC - Thursday, 10:00p - Drama
-Damages - Tue 7/24 - FX - Tuesday, 10:00p - Drama
Same thing as all the other shows on FX so watch only if you love this channel.
-Flash Gordon - Fri 8/10 - Sci-Fi - Friday - Sci-Fi
Hmm.... not sure. Let's watch the first episode and find out.
-Californication - Mon 8/13 - Showtime - Monday, 10:30p - Comedy
Anything named after a Red Hot Chili Pepper song can't be bad.. can it? I think you know the answer.

And mark your calendars for these returning favourites

-Footballers Wive$ - Wed 6/6 - BBC America - Wednesday, 8:00p
-American Inventor - Wed 6/6 - ABC - Wednesday, 9:00p
Watch the first episodes with the idiot "auditions", the best part of these type of shows.
-Ghost Hunters - Wed 6/6 - Sci-Fi - Wednesday, 9:00p
Watching people run around with cameras in the dark screaming at random times. Unless you really loved The Blair Witch Project this is not a show to watch. This is so sad... I miss Unsolved Mysteries.
-Standoff - Fri 6/8 - Fox - Fridays, 9:00p
-Big Love - Mon 6/11 - HBO - Monday, 9:00p
Avoid unless you want to lose a lot of brain cells.
-Last Comic Standing - Wed 6/13 - NBC - Wednesday, 9:00p
This show has gone down hill since the first season. I'll watch it to see if it's improved but it's doubtful.
-Rescue Me - Wed 6/13 - FX - Wednesday, 10:00p
Remember when Dennis Leary was entertaining?
-Top Chef - Wed 6/13 - Bravo - Wednesday, 10:00p
I never got into this show but I know some who swears by this show so give it a chance.
-The 4400 - Sun 6/17 - USA - Sunday, 9:00p
Don't watch unless you've been watching from the beginning or are willing to go out and by the dvd's of the seasons you've missed.
-Entourage - Sun 6/17 - HBO - Sunday, 10:00p
Another over hyped show on HBO, watch at your own risk.
-The Closer - Mon 6/18 - TNT - Monday, 9:00p
One of the many Law and Order type shows out there for those who enjoy them.
-Doctor Who - Fri 7/6 - Sci-Fi - Friday, 9:00p
Who cares.
-World Series Of Pop Culture - Mon 7/9 - VH1 - Various
VH1, the channel you watch when you have no life.
-Eureka - Tue 7/10 - Sci-Fi - Tuesday
-Monk - Fri 7/13 - USA - Friday, 9:00p
-Psych - Fri 7/13 - USA - Friday, 10:00p
-Who Wants To Be A Superhero? - Wed 7/25 - Sci-Fi - Wednesday, 9:00p
I loved this show last season. You need to watch this show. Trust me.
-My Boys - Mon 7/30 - TBS - Monday, 10:00p
-Weeds - Mon 8/13 - Showtime - Monday, 10:00p
-The Biggest Loser - Tue 8/21 - NBC - Tuesday, 8:00p
Watch to feel better about yourself unless you are actually as out of shape as these people. Then get inspired.

Via [The TV Show Blog]


Eryn said...

Why are you ignoring Standoff?? It's one of, if not the only decent show on TV! I just don’t' see how people can't like it, it's got everything! Drama, comedy, romance, action and that's in every single episode!!
It really isn't your typical crime drama, it's so much deeper than that! If you like go TV then tune into FOX this Friday night! You won't be disappointed!!

AB said...

The reason I'm ignoring it is because any show that has a good story and is actually creative and enjoyable, Fox cancels way too soon. I believe Standoff was canceled a few episodes into their season and these "new" episodes are just the ones that Fox hadn't shown yet. I heard they were going to show the episodes they had left for Drive too this summer.