Friday, October 12, 2007

Three more for Star Trek Movie

Simon Pegg, Eric Bana, and John Cho have been cast in the upcoming Star Trek.

Simon Pegg, made popular by his leading role in Shaun of the Dead, has been cast as Scotty. This is great news for the geek community because Simon is a known geek and having a true geek in the movie definitely makes the movie more for the fans then the public at large. Yes, in some ways it's a smaller role but just having one of us in there is more than enough to give me a smile.

Eric Bana, the man we know from several movies but can't decide if we like him, has been cast as the main bad guy "Nero." I also love this news because it add more face recognition to the picture. Like I said, we are still not sure if we like him yet for making a terrible Hulk and a pretty good Trojan, but he is a well known actor in Hollywood.

Last but not least... John Cho, the "MILF" guy from American Pie and Harold of Harold and Kumar, has been cast as Sulu. I loved Harold and Kumar, it was a funny, drug-induced movie, but I just don't see him as Sulu. But, then again I never thought Doogie Houser would snort coke off of a hooker's butt well in a speeding car so I will definitely give him a fair chance.

So with these new additions to the movie that leaves two roles to go. We need a Dr. Bones McCoy and most importantly a great Captain James T. Kirk whom I think will really determine how people perceive this movie. Choose wisely J.J. Abrams.

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