Monday, June 05, 2006

You Can't Take the Net From Me!!

I love the internet. I enjoy the subtle freedoms of web surfing during work when I'm bored. Watching videos that idiotic or unique or both. Finding out the latest information on movies or games that I'm looking forward to. Looking at a boob or two once in a while...

All import and simple things that make the internet fun. So, of course our government wants to regulate it. After all, why not make me watch, hear, and read only what they want me to. Think only what they want me to think. Say what they only want me to say. Yup, freedom is always great isn't it?

Well, I stumbled across a site that is building the comand center for which we can fight back.

Go to

I did. I even sent a letter that I think is preachy with a nice hint of patriatism.

I am an American. That means that I have a right to choose what I want to watch or listen to. I have a right to say what I want, read what I want, go to web sites that I want to see, and I have a right to share and have others share information with me. These are rights that should and must be kept for free peoples. We as Americans must uphold the ideas of freedom, in all forms. You can free a body and still trap a mind.

To take away the open source of information and expression that is the internet, whether piece by piece or as a whole, you are still violating the idea of freedom. You are violating our Bill of Rights. You are violating the minds of people with what you want them to see, hear, and think.

America was founded on the principal that no person should have the power of total control over the people being governed. To take away something as seemingly small as restricting the internet is no different than just gently tapping on one of the bottom cards in a house of cards. The tapping is small in stature but they do add up and will cause the house to collapse in on itself if small violations of the foundation continue.

"Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither"-Benjamin Franklin

What do you think? Sounds good right? Feel free to imitate but if you copy and paste it I will track you down, pour cement down your throat, watch you suffer as your stomach becomes a solid block, and then hit your chest with a sludge hammer so you can enjoy the feel of broken concreat going through your intestine. So, yeah... you've been warned.

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