Friday, July 14, 2006

Big Binds

Remember Binds from a few posts ago. Well, I was challenged to scale him up. So I did. I used the binding clips that were a size bigger than the ones I used for Binds. Thus, I created Big Binds.

unfortunately, two problems arose from the creation of Big Binds.

The first problem was that, despite popular belief, the larger binding clips aren't scaled up versions of the smaller ones. They have different dimensions, widths, and of worst of all different elasticity to them. If you look closely at Big Binds in comparison to Binds you will I differences in the lengths of his legs and arms and that I had to add a few supporting clips to keep it stable.

Despite my efforts the second problem with Big Binds became apparent. He was too heavy for the binding clips to support. Big Binds is too unstable and top heavy thus I was forced to dismantle him immediately after I took the following pictures. I will miss Big Binds, but I suspect I will redesign him and make another attempt in the future.

(Click for larger images)

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