Monday, January 15, 2007

Newsie News 1/15

Hard Core Gamer Selling Classic Nintendo Purse
Over on Ebay a gamer is selling a purse made out of an Nintendo Game System. I have to say this is pretty cool and creative. I love the "phone" and "lighter" compartments.

Substitute Teacher Convicted of Endangering Minors With Porn
A 40 year old female substitute teacher was convicted on "four counts of risk of injury to a minor" because she had porn on her computer. She claims the porn were from pop-ups that she was unable to get rid of before students saw. The article doesn't do a great job of sharing all the details, but I tend to believe her. A 40 year old woman usually has trouble with computers and wouldn't know how to delete the spam... then again she could always just be an old perv.
Via [Boing Boing]

Stephen Hawking Is Going Into Space
In an interview Stephen Hawking (or "That really smart guy in a wheelchair" as known by less intelligent people) reveled that he is looking forward to a space flight.

A zero gravity flight is what astronauts call the "vomit comet", in which an aeroplane flies in such a way that people inside are temporarily weightless....

...Prof Hawking's next step towards the cosmos then depends on the Virgin Galactic space tourism plans of Sir Richard Branson, whose SpaceShipTwo will carry six passengers into orbit from 2008.

The craft will be launched at 50,000ft from a mothership and soar into space at around 360,000ft, reaching a speed of 2,500mph — more than three times the speed of sound.

All I can say to him is have fun and watch out for blackholes. I hear they don't like him after he exposed some information they told him in private.
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Denver Making Woman Pay for Not Cleaning Sidewalk They Covered With Snow
In a typical case of "idiot government in action" the city of Denver is fining a homeowner for not cleaning her sidewalk. The most annoying part is that the sidewalk was clean until the city sent street plows through her street and pushed snow onto it. Even more annoying they are only fining her and none of the other people on her street. Isn't bureaucracy great? Dumb asses.
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