Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Newsie News 1/24

New "Workdesk" For People too Fat Laxy Busy to Get Out of Bed
Yes, the Ergopod 500 comes with motorized legs, powerstrip, keyboard tray, and a zero-gravity not included.
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Driver Fined For Honking Horn
The driver was fined for honking his horn at an idiot pedestrian who WALKED INTO THE STREET well on a cell phone. The cop who gave him the ticket said, "The horn is a courtesy rather than an insult. Used unnecessarily it could alarm other drivers and increase the risk of an accident by distracting them." Yeah... because walking into the street doesn't cause accidents.
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Lawyer Sends Threats to Five Men To Pay Child Support...Just Because They Have the Same Name
In a blatent case of stupidity, five men received letters threating them to pay child support or pay &550 dollars in child support to prove they aren't. This makes perfect sence since one of them was 3 when the child was born, one is impotant, and one that is 79. I just love when a lawyer looks at a phonebook, sees 5 guys with the name they are looking for and say "Fuck it. Let's accuse them all of being the daddy."
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65 Percent of Americans Spend More Time with Their Computer than Their Spouse
Its a case of sad but true. Then again I have seem of the women some guys marry and I completly understand.
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