Friday, January 26, 2007

The Simpsons....ANIME STYLE!! - UPDATE

In a previous post I introduced you to a creative artist that redrew the Simpsons in a unique anime style. Well, good news has just gone her way.

20th Century Fox and Bongo Comics saw her artwork and asked her to do a Simpsons comics. She gives more details on her Live Journal:

-The Bongo comics thing is happening for sure. This is not a "manga series," but a short one-shot story done in manga style.
-I might do art for Futurama. Might. Nothing's been decided yet. Still in talks about that.
-I wasn't "hired by Matt Groening." The guys who noticed my pictures were employees of companies that work with Groening. Groening himself didn't see my picture until much after this whole overnight recognition thing happened.
-I'm not an employee of Bongo or Fox. I still need to do commissions to pay for my bills, but with any hope, I can finally get a professional art job. Speaking of which, commissions will reopen in February.

Glad to see a talented artist get credit for her skills. And people think the only thing you can find on the internet is porn and itunes. IN YOUR FACE PEOPLE WHO SUCK!!! (I know.. very mature, but I'm allowed to be childish sometimes :-P )
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