Monday, January 22, 2007

Top Ten Objects People Have Putt In Themselves


Yes But No But Yes has posted a lovely article on the top ten objects that people have actually stuck up their butt, their vagina, and even in the "pee pee hole" of a man's penis. This is a hilarious article that is very very disturbing.

The Red Snaper - A fish was used by Led Zeppelin to "pleasure" a female fan

The Cigar - Allegedly Bill Clinton would pleasure himself well Monica Lewinsky would suck on a cigar. [Link to Details About the Lewinsky Affair]

The Mars Bar - Mick Jagger was believed to have been performing oral sex on Marianne Faithfull well she had this candy bar up her vagina, but this was later proven false.

The Coke Bottle - Fatty Arbuckle supposedly used this to rape a showgirl.[Link to Article About the Case]

The Oven Mitt - Some guy stuck it up his bum... and that's all I want to know about that. [Link for Those Who Want To Know More]

The Pencil - Serbian man inserted this into his penis in order to keep his penis erect. [Link to News Article]

The Cellphone - Women find best way to steal a phone is to stick it up their vagina... or anus. [Link to News Article]

The Concrete Enema - The name says it all. Click on the link if you need clarification. [Link to Medical Article]

The Gerbil - Referred to as "gerbilling," people stick these poor innocent critters up their butt for fun. [Link to Wikipedia Article

The Octopus - Some Asian women are using the many arms of the octopus by sticking them in their vaginas to let them "feel around." [Link to VERY GRAPHIC Video... don't click unless you are prepared for something disturbing.]

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