Wednesday, January 17, 2007

WoW Player Reaches Lvl 70

Yesterday was a very important day for many gamers because Blizzard released the first expansion for World Of Warcraft. The expansion (The Burning Crusade) began midnight sales Tuesday morning. Today, 28 hours after the first game box was handed out,a French man reached level 70. He is considered the first person to achieve this feat.

The man even says that he played the character by himself for those entire 28 hours. He says that he slept most of Monday and woke up 2 hours before the launch because "physical preparation was a part of the plan." When asked for any final words the man stated "It has been a pleasure to do this with Millenium (his guild), I hope we come across other similar challenges in the futur, I am very gratefull to every Millenium members."

All I have to say to this man is this... GET A FUCKING LIFE!!! I like the game too just like the other 8 million players, but there is only so far any person should go to show their love for the game and you have got way past it.

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