Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Would You Date Them?

For Valentine's Day I decided to have fun and look for the strangest and creepiest people on My Space looking for love. So the question is.. would you date one of these people?

Alex the Badass Rocker

Age: 19
Location: Olympia, Washington
Loves: Smoking Pot, Old Metalica, Viva La Bam, The Juggaurnaut, and did I say smoking pot?


Age: 18
Location: Middletown, New Jersey
Quote: "Anyhoo, i'm a senior @ my High School. The top of the food chain baby!"... because when your that big, where else would you be.


Age: 23
Location: Seymour, Connecticut
Looks Like: Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Po Joe

Age: 21
Location: Winter Haven, Florida
Can Be Described As: Another white guy trying to act black.
Note: The "Po" stands for potentially retarded.

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