Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mythbuster - Buster Will Speak!!!

Mythbusters is one of my favorite shows. Adam and Jamie are popular geeks who solve myths and urban legends with science. Okay, sometimes the science consists of them just using gizmos or pulleys to imitate or reenact the scenarios but there is always something interesting to see.

Well, recently the show hasn't been has good as it once was. The myths are becoming harder to come by and the shows are just less interesting. In an obvious gimmick and a bit of a nod to the fans who keep the show going they are going to add a speaker to Buster, the show's popular crash test dummy. Buster has been with the show since the first season and has been the one thrown into the line of fire on most the of the show's dangerous myths so I guess giving him a voice will only add to the joy in torturing him.

You can vote here and vote for what he will say on a future "car myth" episode. I voted for "Please do not kill yourself at home. I am what you call an expert." because it is a perfect spoof for the opening warning they give at the start of each episode. So, go vote for what I tell you to you want to vote for.

Via [TV Squad]

Edit: Well surfing around the web I stumbled across The First Church of Buster. Go check it out and then you will fully understand how much people are devoted to Buster and his "sacrifice".

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