Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rumor Mill 9/4

Dragonball Z Movie
Looks like the Fox studios are soposably budgeting a cool $100 million for a live action Dragonball Z movie. There have been rumors on the internet for years about a potential movie due to the shows extreme popularity a few years back. This one looks like it could be true though, lets just hope they get someone good at combat scenes on this like John Woo or anyone from the first Matrix movie.
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Star Trek Movie Plot...Time Travel??
Apparently, the people "rebooting" the Star Trek Franchise have figured out a way to both remake Star Trek and still satisfy the original fans.... time travel. How it works is Romulans from the "future" find themselves in the past and decide to change things by killing the father of James T. Kirk. Who's to stop them? Spock of course and he will change the timeline in the process thus allowing a new series of movies to follow a whole new canon well maintaining the old one.

This can either be considered brilliant or retarded. Instead of doing a clean reboot like they did with the Battlestar Gallactica series they will be using a temporal paradox to change things. I thought the plan was to get new fans to the francise but starting this "new direction" with a confusing storyline could defeat the whole point, but at least the old fans will be happy right? For some reason I doubt it.

Smallville Season 7
Supergirl will be joining the cast this season and will all of Clark's powers, even some he doesn't have yet. She will save Lex and will thus become part of his many pursued obsessions. We won't see much of Martha Kent due to her work in Washington although Clark's birth mother might make an appearance some time this season. Dean Cain will appear this season as a man who has found a cure for meteor freaks and will gain the interest of Chloe (who apparently survived the season finale, as well as Lana although a clone might be involved). Also expect to see more Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, a possible appearance by Brainiac again, and Zor-el in the flesh.

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