Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hottest TV Couples

TV Guide has posted a list, made by their readers, of the top 10 TV couples.

And the winners are:

10.Friday Night Lights: Eric and Tami Taylor

9.Smallville: Lana and Clark

8.Chuck: Sarah and Chuck

7.Pushing Daises: Ned and Chuck

6.Smallville: Lois and Clark

5.The Office: Jim and Pam

4.CSI: NY: Lindsay and Danny

3.Grey's Anatomy: Derek and Meredith

2.Bones: Booth and Bones

1.Moonlight: Mick and Beth

I like the fact that Smallville is on the list twice. Just goes to show you that Clark Kent is a player at heart. You go boy!

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jamie said...

Yaa! Go Clark!Haha