Sunday, February 03, 2008

2008 Superbowl Commercials

First of all, I loved this year's Superbowl. I knew the Giants were the underdogs going into it but I had confidence in them because over the past several weeks they have stepped up their game and met heavy challenges. I had high hopes that they would be the ones to deny the Patriots of their perfect season. It came down to the last few minutes and the Giants were able to pull it off. Great job guys.

Okay, now for the commercials. They were mostly bland. A lot of the same old stuff you see every year. Some were straight forward, some were awkward, and some were pathetic. Pepsi really cornered the market in getting my attention with a few great ads and Coke had Stewie and Underdog fighting for an inflatable drink. We have Ironman looking even more fantastic then the trailer showed and the new Will Ferrel movie looks boring and repetitive of all his other movies. Bud Light was uncreative in showing older ads and Dell was just annoying with their efforts. The most path

Well, here are the ads to keep in mind tomorrow during that coffee break.

This was the best ad this year:

It had a catchy tune. It had a lot of quick "hey, was that what's his face" celebrities. It had a great finish with Chris Kattan. Most importantly it was just plan silly without being ridiculous.

This was the worst:

Nothing makes a good ad like racist stereotypes, an unfunny use of cartoon pandas, and straight forward, no one really cares about "100 free sales leads." Next time, just tell us why you don't suck, it might make for a better argument.

Commercials of note:

Some of just enjoy seeing Justin Timberlake get hit in the balls.... repeatedly.

Creepy. Just plain creepy. But still funny. Weird.

You can see all the Superbowl ads at if you have some time to kill.

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