Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Big Changes for Stargate: Atlantis

[NOTE: Spoilers ahead. Read if you want to know, or don't if you're a pansy. Your choice]

So far this season there hasn't been too much opportunity for Colonel Carter to show her ability to lead the Atlantis team. Each episode either had everyone separated into small groups, amnesia of sorts, Sheppard leading a small group of the cast, or only a brief minute of Carter on film. Nothing much to speak of. Well, with the success of one of Amanda Tapping's projects, Sanctuary, she is going to drop from the regular cast during the fifth season.

Who is going to take her place? Well, Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel Staite)will now be a regular cast member during the fifth season as well as the new administrator of Atlantis : Richard Woolsey. Yes, Robert Picardo will renew his role as the uptight I.O.A representative and will join the cast as their new commander.

I'm not surprised by the change of command due to the lack of Carter as it is, but the choice of the new commander is a little odd. I like the fact that we will no longer have a liked character but a known pain in the ass, but I'm still unsure. This could be a jumping of the shark or simply a unique development. It all depends how the writing goes and with the WGA strike coming to an end soon (I will comment about that tomorrow) this could be a good thing. Let's wait and see.

Oh, and keep an eye out for Dr. Carson Beckett to make a five episode return and a brief visit from Daniel Jackson.

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