Thursday, March 20, 2008

Guitar Hero on the DS

Some of you might remember my post on the Guitar Hero: Air Guitar at the CES show. Well I guess the idea of a portable version of Guitar Hero isn't new. IGN has revealed that a DS version of Guitar Hero is in development. The game, titled Guitar Hero: On Tour, will come with an attachment for the DS which will have the well known colored "fret" buttons (minus the least loved orange one). You can watch this video here which shows how the game play will go and that upon purchase you will have the sudden desire to climb buildings to play the game.

They haven't released the full list of 20 songs yet but Nirvana, OK Go, and No Doubt are reportedly on the list. More information should be appearing soon because they are trying to release the game this summer.

This should be a fun game. If they are able to capture the addictive qualities of the original game and with decent multiplayer this will indubitably be a hit. I know I'm looking forward to showing off my non-guitar guitar playing skills on the streets. You know, for the ladies.

Via [Kotaku]

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