Monday, March 31, 2008

The Seeker Review

[NOTE: This review may contain spoilers. If this bothers you... then don't read it!]

I rented this movie last weekend with my brother. We are both big fans of sci-fi and fantasy so we were curious to see if this was a good movie. We are curious no more. Equivalent to the I.Q. rating of Forest Gump, this movie falls below average.

The movie revolves around a young man named Will Stanton, a young boy turning fourteen, who learns that he is a warrior of "The Light" known as The Seeker. As The Seeker it is his job to locate symbols hidden around town in different forms and time periods in order to stop the evil forces uncreative called "The Dark." During his "seeking" he is forced to deal with an agent of The Dark who rides on a horse and is called The Rider. (Anyone seeing "the" pattern here?) Guiding him on his mission are ancient warrior of The Light who are called (drumroll) The Old Ones.

The majority of the movie's time is spent watching Will deal with his family. We get some insight into his family history and his unknown past, which turns out to be very dull. We learn three things about his father; he is a physicist that used to study The Dark (which makes you wonder who would give him a degree), he doesn't have time for Will but always has time for his other sons, and that he should never be allowed to babysit children. We learn that his mother trusts leaving strange men alone with her son. His brothers do what older brothers do in every other movie; they pick on him, take his stuff, go after a girl he's infatuated with, beat him up, and give him a lame gift that has no conceivable purpose in the real world but happens to be just what a Seeker needs. Then there is his little sister who is caring, giving, respects him, does what he says, doesn't bother him, and doesn't tell people about his strange abilities... you know, like all 11 year old little sisters right?

As for the overall "adventure".. lets just say uncreative covers it pretty well. Bad guy threatens little kid. Little kid is lead by old people who are perplexed by the child's wacky youthful behavior. Kid acts like a brat but becomes brave and heroic in the end. Bad guy sends spy in cloak who is revealed to be exactly who you thought it was the whole time. Bad guy loses to kid suddenly realizing something obvious at the last minute when all hope is almost lost. Oh, and don't forget the happy ending where no one remembers anything of consequence and the previously destroyed town is now back the way it was.

This movie is good for only a Saturday night rental when all the good movies have already been taken. The story is horribly standard, the dialogue is boring, the characters never really have any development, and the "final battle" consists of nothing but wire and pulley tricks covered up with pretty computer graphics. I do have to say the computer graphics are indeed pretty. They, and the great camera work are the only reason this movies is only just below average and not just above horrible. I hope the CGI team gets all the credit for what they did for this movie because without them the movie wouldn't have made the money that it has.

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