Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Great Fictional Leaders: Admiral William Adama

The real world is full of "leaders" but none of them as great as those found in fiction. You can't beat their decisive nature, hard-core attitudes, and the ability to rally people to their sides in a heartbeat with a powerful speech. These make believe persons are the true inspiration for many of us and help shape who we are.

Oh, who am I kidding. They are just kick-ass characters and we are a society of people who love men of action.

As you all might have noticed from my posts the past few weeks, I'm very excited about the final season of Battlestar Galactica. I rewatched the previous seasons of and was greatly impressed by how great Adama is with his crew. That man can make someone jump out an airlock with just a look. That is why the first person to join the ranks of Great Fictional Leaders is Admiral William Adama of Battlestar Galactica.

William "Bill" Adama
Admiral in the Colonial Fleet
Battlestar Galactica


  • Stoic Stare

  • First Mexican in Space

  • Glasses of Wisdom

  • Knows When to Cut and Run (unlike some people we know ::cough::bush::cough)

  • -2 Against Close Range Cylon Attacks

  • When Wrong, Will Only Do the Right Thing When Asked Twice

  • Not Into Genocide

  • Has Tigh as His Second in Command (sorry Tigh, you're lack of depth perception is very dangerous to the safety of the human race)

Love Interest
President Laura Roslin - First Base Only (A kiss during a deathbed goodbye)

Weapon of Choice
His Crew. Like a true leader, Adama doesn't actually do the hard work or kill people. He gives the orders and one of his crew will do it for him whether they want to or not.

Best Leadership Moment
Convinces the survivors of the Cylon massacre of the colonies that a phantom planet exists out in space and he knows where it is. It takes guts to lie to people who have lost everything they have ever known just hours ago. It takes a leader to make them shut up and follow you in the random direction of your choice.

Best Quotes
Adama "Now one of you, and I don't care who, pick that weapon up and shoot me."
Starbuck "Admiral, I don't know..."
Adama "I didn't say to talk."

"So say we all."

"Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror lately? You're weak, SOFT, mentally and physically."

"Yes... I'm putting the fleet back together, I'm putting our family back together. This ends now."

"..Walk out of this cabin...while you still can."

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