Sunday, January 29, 2006

Signs of Anger

Want to tell that jerk who cut you off that he sucks? Is a slow car infront of you being driven by some old person who is so short their head isn't even visible over the steering wheel? Is some punk kid who just got his license bumping his ghetto stereo to music that has more foul language then all Samuel L Jackson movies combined? Well, now you can tell them how you feel with your windows safely up. has for sale a special flipbook of 43 in your face I mean kind advisory statements for other drivers. On one side is the message written out normally, and on the back is a mirror image of the message so you can even complain to the people infront of you.

I'm waiting for them to create the "Is Your Car Compensating for the Size of Something?" sign or the "Why Do You Still Have a License?" sign. Then I will buy it. Until then... I can dream of the day when car horns scream insults.... ::tear::....someday.

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