Monday, February 20, 2006

Face Transplant

This woman is the "lucky" first person to receive a successful face transplant surgery. She was attacked by her dog and received the donatated face from a suicide victim. She is happy that her surgery is leading the way to many other surgeries like it.

Just click here and read the article.

Now that your read the article...and looked both pictures... I think we all can agree that this woman is better off with a bag over her head. Seriously, having no face or that face would have the same effect. Children will still run from her, she will still receive weird looks from strangers, and she will always win the best Halloween costume award every year.

If I was her, which I am very gratefully I'm not (please don't let this article jinks me), I would work with online investments or do a phone sex hotline or become a regular eBay trader or write a book so that Oprah can promote my life story and make a whole lot of money. Yeah, that last one is definitely the way to go.

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