Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I was working on today's blog (which you will now get tomorrow...if I can find all the stuff again)...took me a while to do the research, get the links, and type it up. And some stupd yahoo think pops up and I hit escape to get out of it...and it ERASES ALL THE WORK I JUST DID!!!!!

I'm on a computer oncampus and some jerk has appearently installed the yahoo tool bar. The stupid tool bar caused a pop up asking me if I want to shop for women (a word I typed in my blog). WHAT THE FUCK!!!! I hate yahoo. I hate their stupid tool bar. I hate that they appearently like to sell women, and I hate men in speedos cause no man looks good in them.

Damn it.

I need to go cool off before I kill someone for a klondike bar or something.


I wanted to upload an image for this and now BLOGGER won't let me. It says it is up loaded...BUT THE DAMN IMAGE DOESN'T SHOW UP!!!

I am going to smash my compter in four seconds unless I get out of here.

I don't know if I want to blog anymore cause this is total crap. I am so sick of these damn error in all this crap. I'll let you know tomorrow what I decide...later.

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