Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson F*cked Up Big Time!!!

Mel Gibson has recently made the mistake of pissing off a lot of Jews this weekend. During is arrest for drunk driving, he was quoted as saying "F*cking Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."

His stupid behavior has put him in a world of hurt. With ABC pulling his Holocaust mini-series,most of Hollywood is shunning you, and it doesn't help to have a dad like this. Basically Mel is all around screwed.

So, I decided to list my advise on what he can do to try and fix things.

  1. Announce that you are part Jewish.

  2. Have a doctor diagnose you with Tourette Syndrome

  3. Pray that another celebrity says something more racist than you.

  4. Make friends with everyone named in Adam Sandler's "Chanukkah Song"

  5. Announce you are making Passion of the Christ 2: When Jesus meet Moses

OMG!! VH1, one of the least entertaining and least "cool" channels on cable has actually provide something pretty funny. Check out their list of Random Fact About Jews (According to Mel Gibson). Who knew they could come up with something funny other then their pathetic "Best of the 70s", "Best of the 80s", and "Best of Crappy Music" shows they have.

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