Wednesday, August 02, 2006

E3 Downsizes, PAX Steps Up

ESA has announced that E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2007, and here after be dedicated solely to businesses. In their announcement this week they have stated are downsizing the event to just a few small rooms for business to show off to other business what they have. They will no longer be allowing tens of thousands people in, only a few hundred.

Where will all the geeks go to check out the latest gaming information? Try out the newest games? Meet other geeks to exchange tips and tricks? See really hot booth babes? Fortunately the guys over at Penny Arcade are here to save the gaming geeks.

Penny Arcade started their own expo a few years ago and it has been growing quickly since. PAX has is the (now) world's largest gaming expo. PAX is being held Bellevue, Washington from August 25th thru the 27th. I'm not able to go this year because of the timing of the event. But I KNOW I will be at next year's because all the guys at Penny Arcade are already reporting that many companies are jumping ship on E3 and arranging booth space at PAX 2007.

This is definitely the calling to the end of E3. They just killed with their announcement, and next year's E3 will only be a zombie of what it once was. The guys at Penny Arcade have just been raised up as the new heroes of the geek gaming conventions and I have no doubt will make HUGE BANK!!!

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