Friday, October 13, 2006

Newsie News 10/13

Extreme Ironing
These guys have taken a chore once dreaded by all men and turned into a sport so they no longer look like pansies because they are good at ironing. Well, I still call them pansies because what are they going to do to me? Hit me with their ironing board?

Roofer Nails his Testicle
A guy slips, falls, and accidental nails testicles to the roof. That makes it conclusive, no nail guns for me. I would rather hit my thumb with my hammer once in a while then put a nail through MY NUTS once in a lifetime.

The Extinction of the Lawn Pink Flamingos is Upon Us
The company that makes the infamous lawn decorative pink flamings has shut down. lawn gnomes are now number one on the list of "The Gayest Thing You Can Have on Your Lawn."
Via[Boing Boing]

The Worst Playable Character on Madden '07 Writes Angry Letter
This is pretty funny. I would be pretty pissed to if I was the worst character that you could play in ANY video game... let alone one that chronicles my career.
Via[Gorilla Mask]

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