Sunday, November 19, 2006

I've Got a Wii!!

I was one of the many who chose to stand outside a store all night for this gem of a gaming system. I endured the bitter cold, the gruelling task of sitting still for over 12 hours (this coming from a "fidgeting" person is really saying a lot), and suffering through hour after hour of bad Wii puns ("Wanna play with my Wii?" "I can't wait for all my friend to play with my Wii!" "Wii love Wii").

Here is my prize. One of the first Wii's available in the world. The first time that I've ever gotten a new system well it was still new (I grew up pretty poor).

After playing hours of Twilight Princess and enjoying the oddly addictive Wii Sports, I have to say it was all worth it. Although their is no question in my mind that I will NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!!!!

When you get your Wii, make sure to get a few extra Wii-motes. This game is most fun when played in a group, especially in a room where you can swing your arms freely.

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