Thursday, November 09, 2006

Newsie News 11/9

Bob Barker is Leaving the Price is Right
If you don't know who Bob Barker is, if you aren't sad to see him go, if you don't even know what Price is Right is...then your either someone who lives under a rock or a terrorist. Actually, those are the same thing. So then you're a call the police and report yourself.

Three Girls Get in Trouble at School For Dressing up as "Captain Underpants"
Three highshool girls dressed up in just boys underwear and that is wrong how? I know a lot of teen boys that would love to see that... okay, I know EVERY TEEN boy would love to see that and most old men pay to see that.

Judge lets Asian man go because "All Chinese can look the same"
Yup. Some Scottish judge let a guy off because he was Asian and could have been mistaken for any asian person. I wonder if that goes for for black people. After all, at night they all look the same to me.

Sexsomniacs-People Who Have Sex well They Sleep
Once frat boys learn of this, they will have a new excuse for rape. "No officer, it was consensual. She is a sexomniac... she loves to have sex well passed out."

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