Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hellgate: London ... LOOKS AWESOME!!!

I don't know what cave I've been hiding in but some how I have missed out on this great game coming out this summer. Hellgate: London is a pc mmo fps (personal computer massive multiplayer first person shooter) being developed by an up and coming company called Flagship Studios. The game takes place in the near future, in a post apocalyptic world where demons have destroyed the world and one of the last sanctuaries of humanity is the London Underground. You fight these demons with a combination of advanced technology and magic as either a high-tech knight called a Templar, a demonic spell caster called a Cabalist, or a "super-gun" using rogue called a Hunter.

Demons? Magic? "Super-guns"? MMO? Sounds great right? It gets better. Most of the people at Flagship Studios are the same guys that worked on the Diablo series. You know your heart just skipped a beat there for a second.

Go to their site and check out the great screen shots and even more amazing videos. The graphics look beautiful and the characters and demons themselves look, well, FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! I want to play this game right now!!! I want to do some demon hacking!! I can't wait to have both sword and a gun in my hand as I use magic to blow demonic dogs!!!

The only thing I don't like is the fps part. I like fps sometimes but I really prefer 3rd person game play. The game is being called an MMO but in reality it is a single-player game with online game play. You have to pay a subscription fee for the online game play where you can create "guilds", have "raids", and get access other additional content. There are few details about how they are going to implement online game play so we will have to wait for more information before I will truly call it an mmo.

As an added bonus, the game was at the 2007 CES show. You can see reports on Hellgate at Gamespot and The Last Boss.

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