Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Newsie News 1/10

Couple Sees "Jesus" in Their Shower
This would actually less interesting if they claimed to actually Jesus in the shower, but no. They see the NAME Jesus in tile surrounding their shower. When asked if they will allow public viewing of the "holy" tile they said "If we decide it could benefit other people, we might do it." Yup, because a tile with the name of Jesus on it will save the world from Satan and turn all DVDs into "The Passion of the Christ."
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Man Upset Because Cops Won't Return his 114 Dead Cats
A crazy old coot from Tennessee is suing the police for taking and destroying his 114 frozen dead cats. The human oddity is suing for 1.5 million dollars. I only hope he loses the case or people might start turning frozen dead cat collectioning into a popular hobby.
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A Security Terminal Is Hacked to Play Tetris
Two men have hacked a Chip & PIN terminal, replaced some of the inner electronics, and have programmed it to now play tetris. This is pretty funny consisdering the devise is sopose to be "tamper resistant." Their next project should be to make a number pad on a security vault play "Funky Town."
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