Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Newsie News 1/31

Wii Remote Prototypes
These are the prototypes for the Wii-mote that Nintendo thought about going with. The one of the far left is obviously the last one they came up with before the current Wii-mote.

...but since it's cheap, easy to make, and unpatented no one takes notice. It's not a full cure and will take a little more research but still, basically no drug company cares because they can't make money off of it. Nice right? Glad to know that lives are always important to these guys... assholes.
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WoW Player Nearing Goal of Getting Every Pet In the Game
A fanatic pet-loving World of Warcraft player is nearing her goal of getting every pet in the game. These are the pets that are either given to you through quests, via drops (items dropped by monsters killed in game), or purchasing if from NPC (non-playable characters). She has made a great list of the ones she has and how to obtain them so you too can.. dare I say it... Catch Them All!!
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Reporter Upset That Vegas is Sinful
During the CES show a couple weeks ago, a Fox reporter came down to Las Vegas and was SHOCKED that a place nicknamed Sin City... was...well.. sinful. The douchbag actually tittles the article "GRRR! God's Gonna Cut You Down." Talk about a "hollier than thou" attitude. I think think this guy need to go back home and keep watching the Wiggles for the rest of his life so that he isn't subject to the "big bad world" out there.
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