Monday, January 08, 2007

Supids - An Introduction to Stupidty

Those who know me will note that I have a rather distinct attitude towards stupidity. I hate it. If you are someone who can't process information at a reasonably normal rate and then make a sound, logical decision...then you're stupid.

There are multiple types of stupid, most of which are discussed in this Phat Phree article by Scott Hofman. Scott lists: Religious Stupid, Hot Girl Stupid, Culturally Stupid, Fucking Retards, Illiterate Stupid, Socially Retarded, Old People Stupid, and Fat & Stupid. Read his article, because it does a good job of portraying a picture of these stupidity types. He gets most of them, but he forgot Smart Stupid (those so smart with books and knowledge that they forget to think about common sense) and Crazy Stupid (those who do something so crazy that you know they have to be stupid).

Now you are wondering though, what exactly is a "supid"? It is common knowledge that population growth is most common amongst those who are quite frankly, too stupid to use proper birth control. In light of this situation, a regular trend is developing. Stupid people breeding with other stupid people. The stupidity of these two people is so highly concentrated in their offspring that they are creating SUPER STUPID people... or "supids" as I have dubbed them.

Supids are the "next-generation" of stupid. These are people so stupid that they are mess up the most basic of tasks. They are even so ignorant to their stupidity that they blame OTHERS for their mistakes which is why there are so many ridiculous lawsuits.

My Supids topics will be presenting examples of supids, some hilarious and some pathetic. In my studies will be doing my best to analysis the supids and their unique way of thinking. I only hope my brain can handle the stress of dumbing down to understand them.

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