Friday, February 16, 2007

Carlos Mencia VS. Joe Rogan

Carlos Mencia has become quite well known as a joke thief. Radar Online even wrote an article about joke thieves which included Carlos Mencia, Robin William, and Dane Cook. Joe Rogan is one of the main people calling Mencia a thief and has been quite loud about it.

On February 10th Joe Rogan and Carlos Mencia were both performing at The Comedy Store where Rogan confronted Mencia about his joke thievery. Fortunately enough Redban was there with a camera and caught most of the confrontation on tape. Rogan took the tape and created a video from it. Naturally he put in on You Tube where earlier this week Mencia had it taken down due to "copy right infringement."

Here is that video:

This video has created much hostility for Rogan. Rogan has been dropped by his agent, who is also Mencia's agent, and Rogan has also been banned from The Comedy Store.

I personally side with Joe Rogan on this one (even though the man is extremely annoying). I believe Carlos Mencia does steal jokes and the video proves that he has also lied repeatedly about that and other issues. I only hope that Mencia, and other comedians that steal jokes (I'm looking at you Dane Cook), gets what he deserves and is forced to retire from comedy and get a job as a waiter at some crappy restaurant.
Via [What Would Tyler Durden Do]

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