Thursday, February 08, 2007

Change Your Underwear

American Inventors Spot has posted a pretty funny collection of unique underwear that they consider... well "fun to wear." I don't know if I agree with the "fun" part. I think "funny" would be more appropriate.

Well, take a look and decide for yourself if you would ever wear these unique undies.

Sac Free Underwear

This is for those kinds of guys that want to let it all some of it hang out.

Remote Controlled Vibrating Panty

Great idea... a remote vibrator. Perfect for those times when you are feeling naughty and are 15 feet away from your vagina.

Forget Me Not GPS Panties

A gift that says "I want to know where your underwear is at all times but I'm not going to let you know I know." Sounds like a lot of trust there.

Underease Flatulence Filtering Underwear

It may not be silent... but now it's no longer deadly.

Stick Your Sign on Velcro Thong

I some how doubt someone would read the "message" written on them because if they have gotten that far the real message should already be clear.

Backless Panty Brief

I guess that's sexy for some people, but I don't the skid marks left on the inside of the pants would look too attractive.

Wireless Digital Sports TV Bra

For guys that want to stare at boobs well still watching sports.

Ball Bra

Perfect for those visits to the doctor and you want to look your best when you strip.

Glow Light Thong

Consider them runway lights for the crotch.

Convertible Shopping Bag Bra

If a lot of woman wore these, I bet more men would love to go the store for the free show.

Ball Warmer Cozy

Nothing says love like a hand knitted cozy for your genitals.

Headlight Bra

Okay, making the "headlights" literal is pretty lame. They might as well make a bra that is designed to look like melons. Losers.

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