Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Newsie News 2/6

Crazed Astronaut Charged With Murder Attempt
Lisa Marie Nowak, a 43 old woman who was a mission specialist on a Space Shuttle Discovery flight was charged with attempted murder. She reportedly followed and attempted to kidnap and murder a woman who "had also been seeing the astronaut Nowak pined for. Someone doing something crazy for love is getting less and less weird to me (too many weirdos out there). But she is an astronaut. The kind of person that kids want to grow and be. It's very sad when we are sending crazy people into space especially because I thought they were suppose to give these people psychological testing. I guess Bush made the standards on those test too.

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University Celebrates Martin Luthur King Day with Fried Chicken and Mault Liquar
At Tarleton State University you know your at a party full of idiots when they celebrate Martin Luthur King Day by dressing up like gang members, eating fried chicken, and throwing back mault liquor all night long. Who would do this? The obvious answer is the correct one. A member of a fraternity... the smartest people on earth. Just ask the guys from Borat.
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Casino Offers Man 2 Free Meal Comps Instead of $102,000
A casino in Bensalem, Pa accidently told a guy he won just over a hundred grand, then when they realized it was a computer glitch they promised him two free meal instead. I think the proper words here are "FUCKING BASTARDS!!!"
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The 2007 Superbowl Commercials Sucked!!!
Now this isn't a link to a news article... it links to the ads. The game was pretty good (for the first half), but the commercials were terrible. I remember when I used to love watching the Superbowl just because that is when you actually WANTED to see the commercials. These were funny, entertaining, creative, and just plain memorable commercials... but not this year. I honestly didn't laugh at one of them. None of them peaked my interest with a unique joke, oddly creative characters, or memorable moments. They were all just plain terrible.
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