Monday, March 19, 2007

Newsie News 3/19

Bob Spongee Creater Sues Sponge Bob
If this guy wins this lawsuit he will be able to wipe his butt with $100 bills. Which is why I want to say I've always loved your comic and I read it regularly and have been waiting for you to claim your rightfully throne oh great one.
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Woman Grows Third Nipple On Her Foot
So... um. When it's cold outside does she get taller?
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A Sequel to 300?
No, don't worry. They aren't going to be making "300 2: The Resurrection." They are talking about making another movie about a different Greek history mythical tale. The interesting part is that Frank Miller is so possible going to also write this one as well so it might actually be something to look forward to. Then again... that's what I thought about the Matrix and look how well that turned out.
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ABC Making Geico Caveman Show
This is scary. Doing this might encourage other "commercial" mascots to get their own television shows. It's bad enough that the perverted and creepy "Burger King" gets his own video game... could you imagine if they gave him his own detective tv show. Or how about the Verizon "Can you hear me now?" guy. I would be scared to watch him with a game show....the contestants would have to repeat themselves like twenty times. Or what about Jared from Subway...the next Crocodile Hunter???...."Now what we have here is a rare, double pickles BTL. Let's see what happens when the little fella tries to mate with a Meatball Sub."
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