Monday, March 26, 2007

Battlestar Gallactica's Season 3 Finale

Honestly, I didn't watch a whole lot of this season. It was pretty slow and dull in comparison with the previous two seasons. I still tuned in now and then, watched the promos, and/or checked out Battlestar Wiki for anything I missed. Of course, I wasn't going to miss the season finale and it was a damn good one at that.


Four of the final five cylons were revealed (or were they... see below), Baltar is innocent (did you really expect them to find him guilty??), and Starbuck is back (if you didn't see this coming then you are an idiot).

Although they "revealed" the four cylons I'm not sure I believe they are cylons. Yes, when Tigh first started hearing the "music coming from the ship" I thought it was the signal that the cylons were using to track the ship and thus he was a cylon. But not that they include Chief Tyrol in the "I hear the music" group I'm not so sure. They could very well all be people who just happen to be attuned to hearing this weird music due to brain waves or what not. This is a science fiction show after all. The main reasons I don't believe for sure that they are the four of the last five cylons is because:
1. They only said they are... we haven't actually seen more than just one of them.
2. It's a cliff hanger ending, of course they are going to mess with our heads.
3. If Tyrol is a cylon, doesn't that mean that his son is also a cylon baby. Doesn't that make Hera less important?

As for the return of Starbuck, this should have been obvious. Part of the main tension in the series is the relationship between Starbuck and Lee. That, and she is far to important a character (see her "death" episode) to not come back. I, at first, expected her to come back as a cylon (making her the fifth of the last five) but since she came back in her fighter, the same one she "died" in, there is a good chance she isn't a cylon. If she came in any other ship it would confirm her death but since her figher isn't destroyed that means she wasn't killed.

As for Baltar, I now suspect that he too heard the music for a moment. Before the weirdo "Baltar Cult" showed up to take him away I got the impression that he heard the music. If that's the case then yes, that could be a good argument for the other "cylons" (since that would complete the five) or against (since that means other people can hear the music too). Whatever the case, I am pretty pissed that we have to wait 7 FUCKING MONTHS for the next season.

End Spoilers


What happened to the good old days of television. The shows you loved would start in the fall (early September to early October), have a month or two long winter break, end in spring (May-June), and start up again the next fall. No, thanks to The Sopranos, everyone thinks it's okay to break up the seasons into 5 parts, start when ever they want and end when ever they feel like it. Hell, they don't even have to have a season once a year... they can break it up into several years now. This is annoying and completely frustrating, but because these shows are so good... we say "okay great ones, what ever you say" and then bend over and pull our pants down to take it in the ass like the good faithful fans we are.

Oh well, at least Heroes starts up again in a couple weeks. Let's home they don't dick around with our assholes too much, because I'm sure mine will be sore by then.

UPDATE: Interview with Exec. Producer for BG. He discusses the ending and how it affects the next season.

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