Monday, May 21, 2007

Heroes Season Finale

Okay, the most important thing to say it this....


Now, with that out of the way, I have to say this was one of the most well written endings I've seen in a while. Everything came together. The paintings, the visions, the heroes, and the character development. Peter finally gained the courage to stand on his own, although he needed help to take down Sylar. Claire finally took action to get away from her grandmother and Nathan. Niki finally proved that she is the stronger sister. Hiro finally became a hero. And Nathan finally saved the world, which sucks because I was getting so used to hating him.

I enjoyed how every hero contributed in someway to stopping Sylar, even the kids and Matt. Although, I guess "stop" isn't the best word since one of the final moments is seeing Sylar's blood trail lead into a sewer. We all know how it works, when we look at where we think a dead body is suppose to be and see a blood trail we know said body isn't dead. So we can look forward to more evil from Sylar next season. What I'm curious about is who the "greater evil" is? Molly mentioned an evil worse than Sylar, so we can look forward to new, more powerful villains next season as well.

Even better then how they finished "Volume One" with it's teasers, is how they started "Volume Two" with an all new teaser. Hiro goes back in time to 1671 Kyoto, Japan during the solar eclipse we've been seeing at the start of the show all season. Maybe we will finally get to see where the powers all started from or at least get a great story of how Hiro is obviously going to effect his own family history. What ever happens, if this season is any indication, next season will be incredible.

No word yet on when season 2 will start but we do know we can look forward to a mini series this summer and that the DVD is coming out August 28th.

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