Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

I have to say this clearly, I hated Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest. It was a pointless sequel with bad dialogue, forced drama, multiple unimaginative plots, and an ending that left a bad taste in my mouth. After the movie was over I refused to see the third movie. I avoided any press, trailers, or promotion for the movie. I thought I was going to make it. I thought I would be able to keep myself from seeing the third Pirate movie, but they had the trailer during Spider-man 3. The trailer sucked me in and and I had the universal thought of hope... "maybe this time it will be better." So, I actually went and saw the movie this past weekend and have concluded the following: I liked it.

This movie wasn't as good as the first. The first was precise, had good comedic timing, was well written, had great character development, and had a nice clean ending. This movie was a watered down version of the first. The writing was very weak but still enjoyable. The humor was forced and often missed the mark. The character development was sporadic, had gigantic leaps in progress, but conformed to how we have come to perceive these characters. The ending cleaned some things up, but still left a lot of gaps that should have been filled. Overall it wasn't bad, but it still had a lot of bad parts.


The begging was pointless. We did not need to see pirates getting hanged, let alone singing. And what genius came up with the concept that killing a kid is the best way to start a family film. Someone at that studio is one sadistic bastard. Speaking of the studio people. Someone obviously thought we didn't Jack Sparrow was crazy enough so they decided to make give his hallucinations screen time so we can know that Jack is very crazy. Nice going their too guys.

I was pissed that the Calypso plot line was hyped up but ended with a fizz. She gets all big, she says something in a really deep voice, she turns into crabs (yeah, I'm sure THAT doesn't have a double meaning), she creates a storm, she creates a maelstrom, and that's it. Whoop-de-fucking-do. All this Calypso this, Calypso that crap and all she does is make everyone wet. That's was I call bad writing. And the writers were obviously pretty lazy because they threw in a nicely stolen "Braveheart" speech near the end. Yes, let's get the pirates hyped up with a speech about freedom and being free men... hmm, wonder why that sounds familiar you lazy bastards.

The graphics were pretty damn good. Almost every part of the movie looked real and astounding, although there was the scene before the waterfall where it looked so bad I expected the ship to run into a giant baby revealing that the whole thing was taking place in a bathtub.

The fight scene at the end was the highlight of the movie. Lots of sword fighting, lots of cheesy dialogue, and lots of stuff blowing up. The greatest part of the movie hands down. Even the lame "marriage ceremony" was enjoyable.

As for the characters, I will mention the obvious three stars of this movie. Barbosa, the monkey, and the parrot. These three are the best written, most enjoyable, and best developed characters of the movie. Barbosa showed us what a true captain and leader is, despite Jack's multiple attempts to prove himself the better(including the pirate telescope gag). The monkey and parrot provided enjoyable distractions from some of the scenes, acted as real people would in such situations, and were all around the best acted parts.

Overall, this film was good. Not bad, defiantly not great, and just above okay, it's a movie that is a step up from the last one, but still a step down from the first.

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