Monday, May 14, 2007

Rumor Mill 5/14

4th Season is the Last For Battlestar Galactica
Edward James Olmos told iF Magazine at the Saturn Awards that the next season of Battlestar Galactica is it's last. I am glad to hear this news. That means the show will end on a high note and that there really is as structure to the story unlike some other shows out there... ::cough cough LOST cough:: Olmos also mentioned that the 2 hour movie during the long hiatus will about what happened to the Pegasus before it joined up with Galactica. All in all, it sounds like great news to me.
Via [TV Squad]

NOTE: Posted shortly later on, executive producer David Eick denied what Olmos said and clarified that they still haven't made a final decision.

Machete: The Movie
Apparently the faux trailer for Machete during Grindhouse is going to be made into a real movie. According to Danny Trejo, the actor who played Machete, the movie is a go.

“That’s the big one”, says Trejo, who’s appeared in near every one of Rodriguez’s movies. “We’re going to do Machete next, and Bob and Harvey Weinstein have already said, ‘Yeah, we’re gotta do it’.”

I think 5 minutes of Machete was the best part of the whole movie, but I don't know if they can recreate the awesome, absurdity of the faux trailer. All I know is that if they make a terrible movie...."they've messed with the wrong Mexican!!"
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