Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And James T. Kirk is....

... Chris Pine. Who? Exactly. This guy is best known for his roles in Smokin' Aces (yeah, it took me a second to remember who he played) and a bunch of romance movies (including Princess Diaries 2 and Just My Luck). So in other words.. the movie has made a jumping leap towards "holy crap, what the hell is this garbage."

I'm sure the guy is a very talented actor. I'm sure he will dedicate a lot of effort and time towards a role this big, but I can't see a new, revitalized Star Trek movie sitting on this man's shoulders. Kirk has to be a nerd's idol, a bad-ass hero, a playa, and cunning leader all in one. I just can't picture this guy doing it.

I will still watch the movie besides the unfavorable choice, but now I've lost a lot of confidence in how good this movie will be now. Oh well, I can always wait till the sequel because everyone knows only the odd number Star Trek movies suck.


Indigo Red said...

Karl Urban has been confirmed for the role of Dr. McCoy, aka, Bones. He played 'Eomer' in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, 'Kirill' in The Bourne Supremacy, and 'John Grimm' in Doom.

AB said...

Thanks for the head's up Indigo Red.

I think it's pretty funny that they would choose someone like Karl Urban, who plays fighters in most of his movies, to play the non-aggressive Dr. McCoy. It's an especially weird choice given that the new "McCoy" looks like he can kick the crap out of the new "Kirk."

Well, let's see how this movie turns out. I still have some hope for it but I don't like these last two additions.