Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stupid Keyboard

Sorry for the lack of news/posts the past two weeks. It's not that I am joining the Writer's Guild strike but my keyboard might. Let me explain.

For the last month work has become quite busy. I've had very little sleep and very have been forcing myself to post when I get a minute or two and still trying to survive my classes. Well, one morning, very tired and very weary, my alarm went off and unfortunately I had a glass of orange juice only half drunk next to it. If you are good at seeing story lines a few steps ahead of the movie then you can guess what happened. I spilled the orange juice onto my keyboard.

If you have trouble getting up to alarms or have no motivation to get out of bed, trust me. There is nothing in the world that will have you wide awake and leaping out of bed then the fear of liquid running loose on your desk and all the electronic equipment there upon in. I was able to save everything else, but my keyboard was greatly damaged. Even though I opened it up and fully dried it, it skips keys or some keys trigger other ones. And worst of all, I'm poor so I can't even afford a new keyboard until payday which thankfully is this week.

So, yeah. I wasn't on strike... my keyboard was. Or is in spirit I guess. Or as my friend would say it "your keyboard really hates you and wishes you dead."

Wow, I didn't mean to make this a long post but hey, I guess I owe you an actual "blog" post once in a while.

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