Friday, January 18, 2008

Star Trek Teaser Trailer

I saw the trailer last night well watching Cloverfield. It's your typical teaser trailer. Lots of filler and only a moment or two of payoff. The above image is the best part. It's our first glimpse at the new Enterprise. Other then that there isn't much else to the trailer other then a brief audio clip of Leonard Nimoy.

The only problem I have with this trailer is that a rumor I heard online says that the ship will be built on earth and not in space, which this teaser seems to confirm. The construction workers aren't wearing space suits and there is no "outerspace" background to it. As a result I am both excited for and not looking forward to this movie. I really hope the next trailer tells me more of what I'm in store for and can help me decide if I should be ready for a good movie or a bad one.

Here is a dark, hidden camera video the trailer for those who aren't going to see Cloverfield this weekend.

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