Thursday, January 26, 2006

David Hasselhoff... Still Out There

Why it the world does this man still have a career? Shouldn't he have ended up on one of those has-been-celebrity shows like "Dancing with Celebrities" or "The Surreal Life." Why is he out there making videos like this?

Firstly, Knight Rider was cheesy and retarded. Secondly, Baywatch was never about seeing Hasselhoff run around on the beach in slow motion. Thirdly, this music video has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SONG HE IS SINGING!!! What does an eskimo, a James Bond wannabe, and a Crocodile Hunter reject have to do with being "Hooked on a Feeling?" WTF? And why were they all flying? It looks to me like Hoff was hooked on drugs.

If I find out that this video was number #1 in Germany then I will have to officially boycott all chocolate because they HAVE TO be laced with something to have a whole country like garbage like that (yes I am awear that America has encouraged people like Hoff such as our own William Hung...but that's not the point right now).

Seriously, this is all very sad. The love for Hoff is so scary and pathetic that someone actually made a website about WAXING HASSELHOFF'S CHEST HAIR !!! WHY!?!? I can't understand why someone would do that.

Man, just go away. Disappear like the Taco Bell Dog or Vanilla Ice. Please. I'll give you a free coupon to the gay night club of your choice if you just stop faking a career.

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