Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This morning, on my way to class, I found the building that my classroom is in still locked. Having had many early classes over the past few semesters I wasn't surprised by this because the workers that are suppose to have the doors open often forget to do their job. At this point it doesn't bother me anymore, you get used to that kind of irritating irresponsibility.

What DID bother me this morning was the girl on the other side of the doors. Another student must have used another door in and was already inside though the doors I usually go through were locked. I shook the door to get here attention and when she looked up I waved and her to open the door for me. She went back to READING HER BOOK!! SHE IGNORED ME!! I shook the door again and again she looked up, I waved her over, and STILL SHE IGNORED ME!!

HOW HARD IS IT TO GET UP FOR 15 SECONDS AND JUST PUSH A DOOR OPEN!!!! It wouldn't have killed her and it would save me 2 minutes of walking around the building looking for an open door.

Why are people so self-centered. All she had to do was let me in and we'd both be happy...but no... "Why waste 15 seconds of my life helping someone else?" You suck...Thanks for perpetuating selfish human behavior.

Sorry, I know this was a lame blog but I just had to get that out.

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Arlene said...

OMG, that was me ;)