Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Eat My Pants!

I'm sure you've all seen or in some cases wore crop pants. The flowy, butt tight crop pants. I have one thing to say those who wear them.. STOP!!!! You don't look good in them. You look like your pants either shrunk in the wash or your ass is eating your pants (don't you even fell the wedgie we all see?!?)

I don't know what cheap "fashion designer" came up with this idea (probably one who got wasted the night before a show and used cut up old pairs of pants), but those pants are ridiculous. As a man, and yes a STRAIGHT man, I don't think any girl looks good in those. Your butt doesn't look good, your legs are hardly visible, and unless some guy is turned on by aren't catching the eye of anyone. No wait, I'm wrong. You are catching the eye of people making fun of me.

You look stupid. Have a nice day.

Oh, and find something else for your butt to eat other then your pants. Try parsley. Nobody eats that so there's plenty.

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