Saturday, August 05, 2006

Who Wants to be a Cheesy Superhero?

Every now and then I tend to like a show that is well... to say the least odd. Well, this time around I have been sucked into the new reality show Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

This show was created by Stan Lee (if you don't know who he is then stop reading now because this show will NEVER interest you). It is on the SciFi Channel and is about a bunch of odd people who have not only created their own personal superheros, not only have they made silly costumes, but they have BECOME their superheros. Their reward for making fools of themselves?? It's simple. They get to have their own movie with SciFi where they will star as their created superhero.

Okay, now you have the details. Now the good part... what I think of it.

Two words come to mind to describe this show... FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!

If you have ever read a comic book and thought "man, this stuff is cheesy... but I LOVE IT" that is exactly what they do with this show. They put these people through "hero like" situations and have them make asses of themselves and I can't get enough.

These people are so entertaining. They really become their heroes. In one challenge Major Victory "rescues" a young girl by having her jump into her arms so he can saftly carry her 20 feet to someplace she could have walked!! Monkey Woman climbs a tree to change costume. And in another challenge Fat Momma uses her "power donuts" to try and get past dogs. OMG!!! FUNNY!!!

The best part is in one of the episodes, Stan Lee tells one of the "superheros" that he makes a terrible hero and that he wants him to become the shows villain. I will not lie, I jumped up like a giddy little boy and screamed out "YESSS!! He is SOOO a villain." It was a brilliant move. It just makes the show more cheesy and I want to eat every bit of it.

If you love comicbooks. WATCH THIS SHOW!!! Trust me, you will laugh in delight at how enjoyable these odd people in an odd situations are.

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