Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mel Gibson Witch Hunt

On one of my favorite sites The Movie Blog posted a video of Jackie Mason (a jewish comedian/actor) responding to the Mel Gibson witch hunt (which you can view HERE I agreed with the man completly and posted the following comment:

Thank god there are people out there who don't give into witch hunts. This whole things has been rediculous on many levels (funny at first but now just sad). Jackie Mason is an intellegent man and I hope more people follow his example and drop it. I mean, we have more important news than what someone said well they were drunk.
With that kind of thinking you get this...
On today's news, Korea fires nuclear missiles at Florida and Jesus is spotted coming down from the heavens, but first some drunk man at a local bar was heard saying sexist remarks. They and I qoute, "I hate women! Their tits cause all my problems" This man's words have already caused strong reactions around the nation.
He is being condemned as a sexist by Hugh Hefner, Adam Corola, Howard Stern, and that guy who owns the "Girls Gone Wild" series. Many brothels have already banned him from entering their businesses. Kathy Griffin has taken out an add in Cosmo saying that she would never work or have sex with this man because of fear of hurting her well establised career and sex life.

I thought I made a clear (and funny) point. To my surprise, someone actually didn't agree with me. One "alfie" wrote the following:

A witch hunt is when you hunt people for something they have nothing to do with.....
there is no denying gibson drove drunk and made anti semitic it isn't a witch hunt. he did it.
campea you want proof that gibson is anti semitic...wheres the proof that he isn't??
so far what proof do we have that he is...2 weeks ago mel gibson was arrested for drunk driving..when he was caught he said the following things "Fucking jews....the jews start all the wars in the world" "your not a jew are ya" oh and my personal favorite "sugartits" while not anti semitic it helps prove he is a fucking asshole.....
do you guys seriously believe with his fathers history and his own(in 1987 he and his father put their support behing a politician in ausytralia who was running for the league of australia party....what are their views??
that the holocaust didn't happen and that the world is run by a secret society of jews.....)
you seriously believe his outburst the other week was totally bought on by alcohol...that he has absolutely no ill thoughts towards jews and it just happened that this was the one time he ever said anything bad about them...this one time....he got caught and for the first time ever he made antisemitic remarks?? seriously you believe that?? you either love mels work a little too much or just seriously naive...

I was shocked to read what he said. H really didn't see my point of view (which is always the right one) so Icountered with:

Okay, so I may have over dramatized things with the statment "witch hunt." But, what you and many other people are doing reminds me of a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they condemn a witch.
(go to THIS SITE to read a copy of this scene)
All arguments against him (including what you said above) are circumstantial.
>He says some rude stuff well drunk (who hasn't... I've called a few friends gay well drunk... and no, I'm not a homophobe, just a mean drunk)
>His father is an outspoken anti-semit (my dad likes to talk on the phone well on the toliet... doesn't me that I will do the same thing)
>He supported an Australian politician who is a freind of his fathers (hasn't your father ever make you do something for one of his friends...when I was a kid I was forced to pass out pamplets for someone running for some office that I didn't care about)
>He made Passion of the Christ (he believes in Christianity... all Christianity is formed on the idea that Christ was pursercuted by jews... are ALL Christian anti-semitic?)
Like I said before... witch act of finding someone guilty of a crime based on faulty logic and a desire to blame others for bad happenings.

However, this too wasn't enough to pursuade him that I'm right (which further amazed and irritated me). He responed with some ignorate posts that you can read at the link above because I have lost interest in this person. He WANTS to punish Mel. Punish him for drinking and driving... not for other stuff that really isn't that important in the scope of what is going on in the world.

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that was very wise openion,, rare to find someone thinking this way nwadays