Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Numa Numa Kid is Back

First off, if you don't know who the Numa Numa Kid is... you haven't been online in the past year for anything other then e-mail or porn. For you sad pathetic people, you can check out the original Numa Numa Video HERE.

Anyways, Gary Brolsma (aka the Numa Numa Kid) has decided to do something with his internet fame (other then trying to get laid). He decided to create a new video called "New Numa which he is featuring on his sponsored site, NewNuma.com. The site gives people the opportunity to create their own Numa Numa videos that they can submit for a prize of $45,000 and the chance to be as famous as Gary. (WOO HOO!!)

I give this kid a lot of respect for doing something productive with his internet fame. He has decided to get sponsorship, create a site, create a new video, and try to extend his popularity. And under most circumstances this would all be great but...

After watching the new video I can honestly call this kid a "has been." The video was a sad attempt to recapture his "former glory." It would be like watching the N64 Kid make a video of him getting a Nintendo Wii for Christmas this year. This video made me realize how annoying this kid was and how I got so sick of the orginal video. Then, worst of all, he allowed us to all see just how fat and pathetic he is. He looks like the grown up version of the fat kid from Bad Santa.

Gary, I respect the fact you actually got of your big ass and did something but you should have just let things be. You just took yourself from the ranks of old favorite like Captain Planet, Slinky, and Furby to annoying old fades like the Macerena, the Taco Bell Dog, and Troll Dolls.

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