Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Supids - Customer Service

It is quite sad how supids have made their way into customer sevice. Typically it is expected that the people of customer service must deal with supids.

"What do you mean I can't return these shoes when they are a brand name not carried by your company?"

"Wait, so coffee is sopose to be hot?"

I once worked in retail and know the pain of dealing with these kind of supid customers. However, that situation is so common that I felt it was a subject that didn't need to be dicussed. Instead I will bring to light the fact that businesses are paying supids to "help" us. They are paying supid people to help people trying to fix service problems, a mistake on their bill, etc. (I saw the great opportunity for a "blind leading the blind" comment here, but I couldn't think of one without the words "fucking retarded" squeezed in there so I decided to leave it out)

First up, the case of The Unrequested Phoneline from Dean's World. A lady recieved a bill from Spint for a phone line they added to her house, that she never asked for. When she called to have them fix the mistake she had the following conversation:

Operator:"What's the phone number?"

The Lady"I have no idea. I know nothing about this."

"What's your phone number?"

I give it to her.

"That's not a Sprint number."

Well, I kind of knew that. I explain the situation again. She explains that Sprint does not service this area and had nothing to do with it. I ask in my sweetest voice why then I had an envelope from Sprint confirming service. Her conversation-ending answer:

"I would have no idea."

Don't you love it when the person you are talking to has no idea what is going on and asks you stupid information. If you love this kind of supidity then you will love the next case.

The case of .002 Dollars vs .002 Cents from Putfile. The link takes you to an audiofile (about 29 mintues long) that the customer recorded. You could listen to the file (and go through laugher, anger, frustration, and then laughter again)or I can summarize. Simply put, this man was told that he would have to pay .002 cents per kilobyte usage but was charged .002 dollars per kilobyte usage. He was charged 71 dollars instead of 71 cents. The best part is that no one at the company seems to understand him. He talks to 2 "supervisors" and he tries to simplify the situatation for him but they just don't get it. Only listen to this one if you are ready to hate the world.

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