Friday, March 02, 2007

Sunshine Trailer Song

After watching the above trailer from the upcoming movie Sunshine (yes the name sounds kind of lame but the movie does look like it will be great) I became obsessed with the song. I watched the trailer multiple times well doing air guitar violin. After 20+ viewings I knew I had to find this song...

since I've had a similar problem finding a song before I remembered the best place to find the answers. I did a google search for "sunshine trailer music" because if a song is good, others will become obsessed it too and will hunt it for me. Of course, I am never wrong and on the first page I found this "forum" giving the details of the song.

The track is from Nettwerk Music Group - Requiem for a Tower
A remake of the remake of the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ version of ‘Requiem for a Dream’ by Clint Mansell.

Where to next? Easy... You Tube. Where else do people take good songs and use them for stupid reasons. Sure enough I found this "video". Which game me this link to download the song.

Want to know how long it took me? About 15 minutes.. TOTAL!!! I love the internet.

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