Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Great Cadbury Egg Conspiracy

If you are a fan of the infamous Cadbury Egg and it's delicious, but fattening cream filling, then you will horrified by this truth.

They have mad the Cadbury Egg Smaller. Yes, smaller.


This all started with an interview on the Conan O'Brian Show. One of the guests is a huge Cadbury Egg fan who happened to have an old Cadbury Egg in his freezer and he compared it to the one they have this year.

You can watch the video here.

Wikipedia is on the job and claims a 12.3% decrease of the size of the eggs.\

On the Cadbury Egg site they claim nothing is different about the egg:

Why has the size of the egg changed?

It hasn't - you've just grown up!

Those lying bastards, they are robbing people of chocolate and cream. Evil. Very evil.

YTMND is among those seeking answers. Join them in trying to uncover this conspiracy.

Or get a life. Either way, hope you had a happy Easter.

Via [Yes But Now But Yes]

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